Planning a Bathroom

Before you can begin planning a bathroom remodel, you’ll need to make a list of the things you need and want. Divide the list into the essentials, and the nice-to-haves. Note the costs of these items, and wait to decide on them until you have a clear budget.
Budgeting for your project

When planning a bathroom remodel, it is important to budget well. Planning a budget in advance will help you avoid surprises later. A good contractor will charge you about $5,000 for the entire project. However, there are many ways to cut down on this price. If you plan to do the work yourself, you can save money by doing some DYI.

One way to save money on a bathroom remodel is by updating outdated fixtures. You can purchase new fixtures in home improvement stores or on the Internet. Make sure that you purchase fixtures with the same footprint as the old ones, or slightly larger. Also, make sure that the height of plumbing connections is appropriate when you change fixtures. Be aware that moving wires and electrical supplies might also increase your budget.
Creating a floor plan

If you’re rearranging a room, you’ll want to create a floor plan for the room. It’s easy to do with an application such as SmartDraw. The program provides templates that will help you design your room and add doors and windows. The program also lets you easily add fixtures.

Bathroom floor plans are an important part of home design. A well-planned bathroom can make a huge difference in your daily life. Using a floor plan to plan out your room will help you avoid common mistakes and create a room that works best for you.
Choosing a contractor

Choosing a contractor for your bathroom remodel is an important step in the home improvement process. A good contractor will listen to your needs and provide suggestions for your project. They should be able to provide references and have a portfolio of completed projects. In addition to references, it is a good idea to call past clients and ask questions about their experience, timeline, and budget.

A bathroom renovation is an investment, and even a modestly sized one can require an extensive amount of work. From plumbing to electrical work, tile to counters and cabinetry, audio-visual features and heated floors, there are many things to consider. It’s also wise to consider the market trend studies and take the opinion of friends and neighbors.
Choosing a colour scheme

Choosing a colour scheme for a bathroom is an important decision. It’s important to select complementary colours, because they’ll work together to create a balanced scheme. You can choose complementary colours by using the color wheel. Complementary colours are those that are opposite on the colour wheel, such as purple and yellow.

Muted colours are calming and won’t overwhelm. They are also a good choice for bathrooms with low levels of natural light.
Considering accessibility

Accessibility is one of the most important aspects to consider when planning a bathroom. Not only is it important for safety, but it should be easy for people with limited mobility to use the bathroom. For example, bathrooms should have easy to reach light switches and extra lighting to avoid shadows. Lighting in bathrooms should also be evenly distributed throughout the room. Dimmers and motion detectors can be used to provide the right amount of light and softness.

ADA Standards apply to elements within the bathroom, including showers. These standards can make the space more accessible without sacrificing style. Before you plan your bathroom renovation, make a list of your users’ abilities and preferences.

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