Adding Value to Your Home With a Kitchen Remodel

There are two types of remodels: those that add long-term value to the property and those that add short-term value. Adding a new bathroom or bedroom to the property adds value over time, but adding a new kitchen adds only short-term value. A new kitchen can add value today, but it could be outdated and out-of-style in 20 years. A new farmhouse kitchen, however, can add value to a home in a hot market.
Renovations that increase resale value

There are many ways to boost the resale value of your home. One option is to install new light fixtures. The increase in the value of your property depends on the quality of the upgraded fixtures. If you’re considering a renovation, be sure to budget for it carefully.

You’ll want to focus on improvements that will add the most value. These improvements will likely increase the asking price of your home. They should also add to your quality of life. While some renovations will add to your enjoyment of your home, others won’t add to its resale value.

Home buyers look at the kitchen and bath first, so making these areas look better can increase the value of your home. Adding a new room can also add value to your home.

If you’re considering remodeling your kitchen, bathroom, or basement, there are several factors that will determine the cost. First of all, decide on the type of materials you’d like to use. You may prefer natural stone or polished granite, or you might prefer intricate tile designs. Then, price shop across several home improvement stores and specialty shops, as well as online markets. For the best results, choose a material that gives you the most value for your money.

The cost of material and labor are the biggest factors, but there are also other costs to consider. Some of these are absolutely necessary, while others are optional and allow you to customize the remodel. Before you begin, make sure you get multiple estimates from multiple contractors, and compare them apples-to-apples.
Return on investment

When you’re planning a remodel, you need to know how to calculate the Return on Investment (ROI) of your project. The ROI is the amount of money added to the value of your home after you’ve completed the project. A successful remodel can boost the value of your home by as much as 60 to 85 percent. However, it’s important to note that not all projects can give you a good ROI. In fact, only a few projects have a 100 percent return on investment.

The return on investment of a remodel can be measured in several ways, including the increase in property value and increased enjoyment of the space. For example, a $9,400 kitchen remodel can return up to 182% of the original cost. In Chicago and Minneapolis, a $9,400 kitchen remodel can bring in nearly $27,000 at resale.

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