Pictures of Bathroom Remodels Ideas

Larger showers

Larger showers offer many benefits over smaller ones, including more space and design flexibility. Many homeowners opt to get rid of their old soaking tubs and install a large shower instead. Others double or triple the shower size and install dual shower heads at each end, or even a rain shower overhead.

Larger showers are also great for people with disabilities, such as the elderly or disabled. They also create a spa-like experience. Shower seats are available in many different styles, and there are even lowered benches to accommodate shorter showerers.
Shaker-style cabinets

Adding Shaker-style cabinets to a bathroom remodel can give your bathroom a classic, clean look. The style also offers plenty of storage space and counter space. A bathroom with shaker-style cabinets is also easy to maintain, especially if you choose floating vanities. Shaker-style cabinets are often adorned with beautiful hardware that complements or changes the style of your kitchen.

A major part of any bathroom or kitchen remodel involves choosing cabinetry. And, as Mies Van der Rohe once said, “God is in the details.” This is no different for shaker style cabinets. Choosing the right hardware is essential, as the range is almost endless. Classic steel bin pulls or nickel knobs complement shaker cabinets well.
Shiplap wall paneling

Shiplap wall paneling is a great choice for bathroom remodeling projects. It’s inexpensive and easy to install. The boards are grooved so they keep themselves level, and they can be glued or nailed into place. You can use shiplap for the entire bathroom, or just one section.

Before installing shiplap on your bathroom walls, measure the area you want to cover with the new material. If you’re planning to install it on a wide wall, be sure to stagger the boards. In addition, make sure to keep it away from the shower over spray. You should also acclimate the shiplap to your home’s temperature before applying it to your wall. If you’re installing shiplap over tile, use flexible caulk filler to prevent moisture from collecting behind the panels.
Eclectic bathroom remodel

Eclectic bathroom design is a great way to incorporate different styles and influences into one room. You can incorporate pieces of vintage furniture, art, and decor from different eras and design movements. The finished look feels organic and modern. You can also mix different color schemes and textures. For example, an all-white vanity can be offset by colorful wallpaper.

A bold and colorful wallpaper can add visual interest to a small bathroom. For example, a bathroom with a small sink and a large mirror could feature a bold blue fern-patterned wallpaper. It would complement the rest of the room’s coastal style.

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